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FIG Local has an exciting opportunity to offer….

To launch the new Notts Nosh Food brand FIG Local will be holding 4 ‘Notts Nosh Festive Feast Events’ in December in our 4 target areas; Bulwell, Aspley, Killisick and Netherfield.

Notts Nosh was created to showcase all of the wonderful food that is being produced within Nottinghamshire, to tap into local pride and to encourage people to buy local food. In doing this we will be addressing the issues that families face in these tough economic times.

The cost of feeding our families is ever rising and this is due to many factors.  One of these factors is the cost of transport and oil from importing foods which raise our food prices. Not only does the current food system take its toll on the environment it also means that lower income households are beginning to struggle with affording food.

The Notts Nosh Festive Feast Events will be held at community centers in our target areas and will offer a free meal made from local, seasonal donated vegetables. The event will also be an opportunity to hand out community food maps of the area which will showcase free, affordable and community based food and encouraging people to access and use these.

We will also have stalls selling fresh local vegetables, jams, chutneys, honey, cakes etc as well as a raffle for food hampers.

Any money raised will be donated to a local food bank or charity serving food.

The opportunity

Is for an individual/group/community cafe to co-ordinate the one pot meal aspect of the events including

  • Sourcing the recipe (to be kept simple examples would be; a veg risotto, veg stew or soup)
  • Co-ordination of a team of volunteers to prep, cook and serve the one pot meal

This opportunity is voluntary however the event will be highly publicized in the media including radio, newspapers and possibly TV and could be a great promotional opportunity for the persons/business/group involved.

We are hoping to roll out a weekly community café in these areas depending on the success of the Festive Events and this could lead to potential employment for the persons involved.

For more information see the role description linked here one pot meal co-ordinator role description


Help wanted at the Iona School Advent Fayre

Message: Hello,
I am a parent at the Iona (Steiner-Waldorf) School in Sneinton. Every year we hold a BIG fundraiser for our (somewhat cash-strapped…) school, known as the Advent Fayre. This year the event will be held on Saturday 1st December.
We usually run a small-scale restaurant on the premises, run by parent volunteers, but this year we find ourselves distinctly short of parents with catering skills! We were wondering whether there is any way that this event could be run in partnership with a small team from one of Nottingham’s community cafes? e.g. We provide the kitchen, premises, and ingredients, and a small team from a community cafe ‘hosts’ the restaurant for the day by providing man(/woman)power for a few hours. The community cafe would be able to publicise their own cafe venture as much as they would like.

If you know of any small teams or individuals who would like to be involved in this, then I’d be incredibly grateful if you could get in touch.We would be able to get several parents from the school involved as helpers on the day (e.g. washing up, waiting on tables, etc).

With best wishes,
Esme Worthington
(Iona school parent and 2012 Advent Fayre volunteer)

Contact her on esmejw[at]googlmail.com or through this site!

News Round up

Apologies for much missed news and no contact for a while.  I have become a father recently and so have been out of action for a while now!  Personally though it gives me renewed inspiration to help develop the community cafe scene in Nottingham, since I think children get so much out of being part of rich communities that Third Place‘s  (including commmunity cafes) are essential parts of.  “It takes a village to raise a child” they say and every happy village has its pub or cafe or tea house where people congregate and talk and hang out…

Anyway on with the news:-


Tomorrow is the Nottingham Local food Partnership’s (find us on facebook and twitter) fourth monthly Market.  We have a great range of stalls from Ecoworks, AMC gardens, Stonebridge City Farm, Veggies, Secret Kitchen and many more (including a farm shop selling local, wild game meats  like venison and partridge).  It’s from 10-3pm so come along and hangout, also have a look round the new Victoria Leisure centre.  There is a cafe unit that opens onto the square – it is still up for tender so, if interested, just contact the council and put your bid in…hopefully whoever gets it will create a community cafe and not just a business.


Alain Job from Melting pot at the Sycamore Centre, St Anns has opened a new venture in Victoria Centre Market upstairs in the fish and meats section.  He is selling delicious African Cuisine in a banana skin cone (the nkono concept!) Monday to Saturday 11-4pm.


Marsha Smith from Secret Kitchen held a social event last week Friday 5-9pm – it was great relaxed, unique community event and a first for Sneinton.  You could BYO wine and beer, bring the kids, the food was delicious and cheap and there was free musical entertainment. It was the the definitive ‘Third Place’ night and we could do with alot more nights like this around (especially for us with young children who can’t get to pub as much as they’d like)

Social night flyer_secret kitchen_bw


Cafe bingo is still coming but there has been a delay due to funding issues….

Also am looking for further ideas and support for this project going forward – hopefully we can get an action group together soon.

Crocus On Board

Last week I visited Crocus Cafe and met Emma who is the current chair of their organising committee. We had a good meeting and we agreed that the Crocus had alot to offer other cafes in terms of information-gathering visits. This is something they already do alot, and it just so happened that before meeting me, Emma hosted a group from Birmingham who wanted to set up a community cafe network.

It was agreed that Crocus would host the first NCCN networking event at the end of March and Emma kindly agreed to give a presentation on the history of the Crocus.  More detail about this event are to follow however we will be looking to get a date in late March in the evening when most interested parties are free.

Also I will be volunteering at as many cafes as possible in order that the network will be able to have as much volunteering know-how as possible – in these days of funding cuts, more volunteering may be the best way to sustainability for alot of existing cafes, and the best ethos to get a new project going.

Welcome to the first Community Cafe Network News Bulletin

Welocme to the NCCN website.  Cafe Sneinton are pleased to be able to get this project off the ground.  Thanks to FIG (Groundworks Greater Nottingham) for the funding to support this project through 2011.

See our funding application (including budget) here

We know it will be a success because of all the positive feedback we have had from all sorts of people in the voluntary sector.  Please spread the word because there are so many people you want to get involved in community cafes and so many cafes existing that need support – and who is better able to support them than other cafes?