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Local community festival updates

Hi All

Although community cafes are great spaces (not home, not work) where people hang out regularly,   the bigger less regular events are also vital for community.

Three major community led events in Nottingham are Sneinton Festival, Sherwood Art Week, and Fun on the Forest (Bulwell).

Sneinton Festival

They are thinking about doing a smaller event this year. The main day is always the first Sat in July.  Current Secretary is brendan@renewaltrust.org.uk, who you can email to find out more or go  on his mailing list.

Sherwood Art Week

They have a new website – http://www.sherwoodartweek.co.uk/ – that you can sign up to on the front page to get a e-newsletter – if you also sign up as member then you can add a link on their site, and get other benefits

Fun on the Forest

They are  looking for stalls and supporters (date of event 29th June).  See that booking form and other event upcoming in Bulwell here Doc1


Green Festival and Sneinton Festival Coming up

The Nottingham Local food partnership including Ecoworks (and their new electric, vehicular stall), Stonebridge City Farm, AMC Gardens and others are going to be at the Green Festival again this year on Sunday 10th, 11-4pm.

The weather looks ok too, so hopefully see you there!


So here it is guys, this year’s SNEINTON FESTIVAL coming very soon (28th June-8th July). The main festival event is on July 7th 2012.  It starts with a Parade through the streets of Sneinton (with the ‘Olympic Ideals’ theme, promoting positive health, education, citizenship, community & spirituality) the on to Tricketts park for an event jam packed full of excellent activities, arts & crafts, stalls and food to satisfy all tastes. Plus with two music areas -the main stage and the SEND world vibes acoustic tent – we welcome many amazingly talented local musicians, performers and artsist to entertain and wow you all.

For more information check out the full event details on the programme attached or at these links – Front page,  Main programme page
Plus if you want to find out more about a particular event, volunteer or get involved in any way please contact us at sneintonfestival2012@gmail.com
See you all for some wonderful festival fun, games, dancing and much more,

The Sneinton Festival Team

International Food Evening at Sneinton Festival

To be part of this popular event as a cook get in touch with David Jones on 07794343697 davidjones103@gmail.com

The deal is we give £15 to cooks for free tasters, but you can cook more at your own expense and sell it.  There will be about 500 people attending and 10-12 other cooks from around the world.  We provide paper/plastic plates and forks.

See the links below for this year’s festival publicity

International Food Evening Flyer2011

programme 2011 front page back page

pin up prgramme 2011_web