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Invite to the Nottingham Community Cafe Network social

Dear Community Cafe 

You are warmly invited to the Nottingham Community Cafe Network social

at SPOKES COFFEE HOUSE, 48 Frair Lane, Nottingham


from 6pm till 9pm

There are currently 25 community cafes in the network from across
Nottingham and beyond, running amazing projects to bring tasty, diverse
meals to our communities in affordable, accessible, exciting and
innovative ways.

This event is an opportunity for all of us to meet each other, share
ideas, share our successes, get help on what we struggle with, make new
friends and generally strengthen the community cafe movement!

There’ll be food, hot and cold soft drinks* and music from local acts. There will also be a community cafe’s ‘asks and offers’ board for
you to contribute to.

Its also an opportunity to add to the fare and showcase the food you serve
in your cafes. Each cafe is invited to BRING A DISH!

Please RSVP to davidjones103@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

More Info

Spokes Coffee House on the net: https://www.facebook.com/Spokesfriarlane

Community Cafe Network on the net: https://nccnetwork.wordpress.com/

* If you want to drink something other than soft drinks, please feel free
to bring your own


You are invited to the pub!

Please see below a letter written to the Local food Partnership (NLFP) members by Nic from Ecoworks – she wanted me to invite all you community cafes (and cafe supporters) along too, to see how we can get the Sneinton Market going especially in relation to street food……
Dear All,
At the last market we decided that a good old fashioned pint in the pub was called for to bring everyone investing in NLFP / Urban Food / Sneinton Market, to meet and have a relaxed discussion about where we take things next. We have seen it through the wilderness, ahem winter…and now, the rewards of warmer climates approach.
We no longer have the Plunkett Fund to support meeting time, but there is ample opportunity to apply for bigger pots to cover a programme of ‘event/feast/workshops’ and marketing activity with Awards For All perhaps? As well as taping into some other social/economic fund which would support enterprise, resource sharing/development.
Wendy has already begun applying for certain grants for stalls and exhibitions on Sneinton Market, and I have requested this info be shared with you all so we can identify gaps and other strengths/ambitions of local food etc..- live cooking of cultural street food is one
As you know I am off on maternity leave mid july so I’ll be pushed to co-ordinate all of the above, so instead, a pint in the pub should be the first steps to see who and what can be shared into bite size peices, and I’m happy to share application/bid writing.
Pub-wise: The Lord Nelson in Sneinton has been suggested as it has a back room but it will only hold so many, any other near town locations with room and a decent pint? (Paul / Nicky / Mary – appreciate it is a long way to come for a pint, so feel free to email ideas/suggestions if you cannot make it, especially since you all have lots of market experience)
I have attached a doodle link: please pass on the choice of dates to those not on the internet or to anyone you think should be involved or I have missed).
Cheers all, and may a pint or two lead to creative partnerships

Meeting next week

Hello Nottingham Community Cafe

We want to invite you to a meeting next week in the evening at the Stonebridge City Farm 6pm – 7.30pm EITHER WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY 16th or 17th .  Please let me know which, if either, date is best for you….

The Meeting is about the 10th Dec Sneinton Market Relaunch.  There is potential for us to book stalls for this event.  It is slightly complicated which is why I am hoping all who are interested should meet first.

Some advantages to you for being part of this:

This should be a money earner:-

1. It is free to book a stall
2. The event should attract thousands of people.  This is because it is being advertised front page in the Arrow that goes to every home.  Also last year a much smaller Christmas market attracted 2000 people.  There is a risk however that the weather is bitter cold which will of course put people off.
3. This is a great chance to advertise to people through flyers and banners.  It may be that we can do one flyer for all the cafes if we have time to agree on the details. This should lead to more business for all of us.

It is a good chance to develop a taste (or more of a taste) for outdoor catering, and also network amongst some of the local food providers and other interesting people that will be attracted to this arts and market event.

There are only a limited number of slots but it is a long day so I imagine not everyone wanting to be there all day.  There should be a steady stream of people throughout the day from 10am-7pm.  So if we divide this into 3 hour slots let us know how many you want to do also how much space you need – 5foot or 10foot?

These are the sort of details we can discuss with Wendy who is managing the market – I am grateful that she will be there at this meeting to answer questions and come up with a plan together.

Look forward to seeing you next week, if you can’t make it but would like to join in please rest assured we can sort it out over the phone so you shouldn’t miss out!!

Dave Jones

Also please bring a dish each so that together we can all have a bit to eat.

Can Sneinton Market become the Marakesh of the North?


Amazing opportunity for your volunteers!! Three day residential workshop in Communuity Cafes

[This is great chance for those who have the time to go on an intensive course in developing community cafes.  It only costs £20 per person and that covers full board and food for the three days.  if you are interested please let me know because i am receiving more info about the course that i can forward onto you.]

Developing Community Cafés course  6-8 June 2011

 This course is for any group that have just set up a community cafe, or those that have been running one for some time and want to look at it afresh.

 It will help you consider ways that you can make your cafe vibrant, viable and sustainable.

 The course will cover:

• Budgets – including menu budgeting

• Looking at your customer base and meeting their expectations

• Developing healthy eating strategies

• Considering ways to diversify

• Marketing and promotion

Spaces on both courses are £20.00 per person to all volunteers in the UK.  This cost includes full and extensive training, accommodation during the course, VAT, all meals and refreshments.

 If you would like to book, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01244 300246 or mc.lawton@traffordhall.com.

 Warm regards


Training Programme Administrator
Trafford Hall
Ince Lane,
Wimbolds Trafford,
Tel: 01244 300246
Fax: 01244 300818

Url: www.traffordhall.com

NCCN at the Green Festival 2011

A week on Sunday 22nd May you are invited to join us at the Green Festival at the Arboretum in Nottingham from  12-4pm.

We will have a tent or gazebo or possibly even a yurt set up in a cluster of stalls and stands from Ecoworks, Garden to Plate, Stonebridge and other Local Food Groups. I don’t know where we’ll be on site so come and find us!

If you want to come to a steering group meeting (discussing the future of this network) please come at 12pm-12.45pm or/and from 3pm-4pm (we are having two sessions). Between times we will be engaging the public, promoting Third Places around Nottingham, finding about more cafes from the general public, and doing fun activities such as drumming and free soup and bread.

Please arrange to get me some of your publicity material for me to give out/display, and please get in touch if you have any ideas in regard to this event.

News Round Up

Tomorrow I am travelling with Nicola from Ecoworks (thanks for the lift) and others up to Sheffield for the Making Local Food Work Conference (you can watch it live online).  Looking forward hearing about other great projects around the country (e.g Feeding Manchester), but  I think we can be proud of what Nottingham has in terms of its Third Sector projects.  Will report back soon.


I met Roger Moors, the new Food Projects coordinator at Ecoworks, at the Pakistan Centre for lunch (was very tasty as usual) recently.  And he suggested what I thought was a great idea for the NCCN.  It’s a ‘disloyalty card’ based on the loyalty cards of Coffee shops such as Starbucks.  The idea is that some independent outlets all join together to create a card whereby for example 6 visits to any of the outlets get the card holder a free meal/drink etc.

For us as a group of community cafes it could be very nice little bit of marketing, cheap to set up, and as long as 6 of our members wanted it we could get it off the ground quickly.  Maybe change the name from ‘disloyalty card’ to something else?

Above is an example from a group of London independent Coffee houses.


Thanks to the Stonebridge City Farm, Sumac Centre, Roots N Fruits, and Nottinghamshire Deaf Society for signing up recently as full members.


I visited the Sumac on Saturday along with my family for their People’s kitchen, we had homemade pizza’s and other stuff.  It was very delicious and healthy. We all had a good time out in their front garden, with all the raised beds and catering vans – good for hide’n’seek!

The Sumac have a new project, Mutual Aid, which is all about filling in after the funding cuts for support services such as benefits advice. It’s on Sundays from 12pm. Email nsn@riseup.net for more info.

Network First Event

Dear Friend,

You are invited to join us at our first event to launch the Nottingham Community Cafe Network.
You will be joined by other people who run and promote open Community cafes and spaces all across Nottinghamshire.

Location: Crocus Cafe, 2 Church Square,
Lenton, Nottingham. NG7 1SL.

Date & Time: Wed 23rd March 6-8pm

RSVP: 19th March Contact Us

The event is free and includes dinner (veg) plus an opportunity to hear about this new Network, meet and find out about other people’s cafe projects, as well as feedback Your ideas for future network activities.