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Secret Kitchen Launches new website!!

Have a look at the Secret Kitchen new website at the link below….


This is a recent message from Marsha at the Secret Kitchen….

“Would you like the cafe to run a social eating evening in your area? Do you know of a church hall, community centre or anywhere where there is a kitchen and space to sit and eat? Sherwood? Mapperley? The Park? Bestwood and beyond?

If so please get in touch as I am planning a series of non-Sneinton Social Eating Events to get our model, our energy and our spesh food out and about!


The Cafe opens at the Greenway in Sneinton

In case you thought the Eastend of Town didn’t have enough community cafes then you have another option now, with Nina and Miriana’s The Cafe open  at the Greenway Centre on Trent Lane in Sneinton.  It is starting off as a sandwich and jacket potato thing first, then soon there’ll be Portugesse specials and other foody attractions.  The Greenway that houses the Cafe is very welcoming – there are Free newspapers and chess and maybe even tabletennis if that’s your thing…..
Opening times are Mon-Fri, 9.30-2.30pm, flyer link here

Eden Cafe at Stonebridge City Farm

See the new Stonebridge Cafe flyer at the following link flyer for email

Tea Trolley ‘Grand Opening’

The Tea Trolley is a new community cafe at 4 Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JQ.  They are spcecialising in homemade/handmade sandwiches, paninis, salads, cakes and cream teas. Vegan/veggie and gluten free diets catered for.

Volunteers are needed for front and back server Tues-Sat, or if you know of any community projects that may like to have a stall to promote their project then get in touch with Julie at julie.semper@snc.ac.uk

Your invite to the grand opening is below and can be downloaded at this link (pdf) –  TeaTrolley Invitation

Cafe Sneinton has a break – Secret Kitchen takes up the slack

After 3 and a half years Cafe Sneinton is taking an extended break (mainly because of my other duties as a new father).  This should mean though I’ll have a bit more time to spend on the Cafe network.  The Secret Kitchen however is now opening on Fridays and Saturdays at St Christopher’s church (back there after a very successful summer season at Green’s Mill).

Tom Hughes writes on facebook “[To] the team who helped at the Hermitage, I’d like to say a huge personal thank you for what you’ve done with Cafe Sneinton. I and my family were grateful consumers and enjoyed the relaxed (tho sometimes frenetic) community atmosphere. I think it has been a transformative project and I’ll miss it. Marsha Smith  (Secret Kitchen) can carry the baton with pride!”

Marsha writes today on the Secret Kitchen facebook page “cafe opens about 10am this morning… goats cheese and pumpkin seed lasagne with lemon thyme wedges and salad for lunch, coconut and lime flapjack and tea, coffee and toast ready before lunch…”


“Notts Underground” surfaces (just on Sunday)!!!

hay Undergrounders,

So the day has come! After a lot of help from my friends and family I will be opening my coffee kiosk in Sherwood on Sunday yes Sunday (1st July)! So why don’t you come along. The Notts Underground style BBQ will be served from 1, along with some free samples of the menu and a toast to the shop! If you do want to drink alcohol bring your own as I don’t have a license, but soft drinks and coffee will be available.
Come and stuff your face at 1b Winchester street, Sherwood NG5 4AH
Hope to see you then

You are invited to the pub!

Please see below a letter written to the Local food Partnership (NLFP) members by Nic from Ecoworks – she wanted me to invite all you community cafes (and cafe supporters) along too, to see how we can get the Sneinton Market going especially in relation to street food……
Dear All,
At the last market we decided that a good old fashioned pint in the pub was called for to bring everyone investing in NLFP / Urban Food / Sneinton Market, to meet and have a relaxed discussion about where we take things next. We have seen it through the wilderness, ahem winter…and now, the rewards of warmer climates approach.
We no longer have the Plunkett Fund to support meeting time, but there is ample opportunity to apply for bigger pots to cover a programme of ‘event/feast/workshops’ and marketing activity with Awards For All perhaps? As well as taping into some other social/economic fund which would support enterprise, resource sharing/development.
Wendy has already begun applying for certain grants for stalls and exhibitions on Sneinton Market, and I have requested this info be shared with you all so we can identify gaps and other strengths/ambitions of local food etc..- live cooking of cultural street food is one
As you know I am off on maternity leave mid july so I’ll be pushed to co-ordinate all of the above, so instead, a pint in the pub should be the first steps to see who and what can be shared into bite size peices, and I’m happy to share application/bid writing.
Pub-wise: The Lord Nelson in Sneinton has been suggested as it has a back room but it will only hold so many, any other near town locations with room and a decent pint? (Paul / Nicky / Mary – appreciate it is a long way to come for a pint, so feel free to email ideas/suggestions if you cannot make it, especially since you all have lots of market experience)
I have attached a doodle link: please pass on the choice of dates to those not on the internet or to anyone you think should be involved or I have missed).
Cheers all, and may a pint or two lead to creative partnerships