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What is the aim of the Nottingham Community Café Network??

The aim of NCCN is to help existing community cafes to thrive, and to support people who are in the process of setting up a new cafe. A broader aim is to promote the idea and practical reality of Third Places (not home, not work, but where community happens).

There used to be a pub on every corner, and due to tax on the pint and other factors these places don’t exist anymore, but our human need for socialising and places of conversation still is as strong as ever. I ran a community cafe from a community centre for 4 years and the model was purely based on volunteers – no paid staff at all, and no real funding (£500 to start up). From this experience I wanted to spread this idea, but am very aware that there is a whole spectrum of organisations and projects that fullfill the brief of Third Place:- from a sole trader business to charity project, to community or church group. But all these cafes are operating beyond the profit motive, and so I felt that networking between them would be easy as they are not really in competition with each other (as Costa and Starbucks are!).

The last two netwoking meetings have proved this, as so much info and help has been exchanged etc. Look out for the notes from the meeting soon, and your invite to the next (at Sumac Centre I think) where we are going to concentrate on planning a celebration event for all our volunteers!

David Jones
07738 729828

Volunteer chefs required for new cafe project

Hi all,
Real lives CIC are running a lunch cafe from the Crocus Cafe in lenton on Mon, Tues and Wed. They are looking for volunteer chefs!!
Contact details for Poppy at Real Lives is below – please forward to anyone who might be interested…
All the best,
DaveVoluntary chef needed for lunch shift mon-weds vegetarian cooking.Thanks

Poppy Repper

Real Lives C.I.C, Head of Operations, Unit V7 Howitt Building, Lenton Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2BD

0115 822 9478

Company Number: 822 3152

FIG Local has an exciting opportunity to offer….

To launch the new Notts Nosh Food brand FIG Local will be holding 4 ‘Notts Nosh Festive Feast Events’ in December in our 4 target areas; Bulwell, Aspley, Killisick and Netherfield.

Notts Nosh was created to showcase all of the wonderful food that is being produced within Nottinghamshire, to tap into local pride and to encourage people to buy local food. In doing this we will be addressing the issues that families face in these tough economic times.

The cost of feeding our families is ever rising and this is due to many factors.  One of these factors is the cost of transport and oil from importing foods which raise our food prices. Not only does the current food system take its toll on the environment it also means that lower income households are beginning to struggle with affording food.

The Notts Nosh Festive Feast Events will be held at community centers in our target areas and will offer a free meal made from local, seasonal donated vegetables. The event will also be an opportunity to hand out community food maps of the area which will showcase free, affordable and community based food and encouraging people to access and use these.

We will also have stalls selling fresh local vegetables, jams, chutneys, honey, cakes etc as well as a raffle for food hampers.

Any money raised will be donated to a local food bank or charity serving food.

The opportunity

Is for an individual/group/community cafe to co-ordinate the one pot meal aspect of the events including

  • Sourcing the recipe (to be kept simple examples would be; a veg risotto, veg stew or soup)
  • Co-ordination of a team of volunteers to prep, cook and serve the one pot meal

This opportunity is voluntary however the event will be highly publicized in the media including radio, newspapers and possibly TV and could be a great promotional opportunity for the persons/business/group involved.

We are hoping to roll out a weekly community café in these areas depending on the success of the Festive Events and this could lead to potential employment for the persons involved.

For more information see the role description linked here one pot meal co-ordinator role description

Help wanted at the Iona School Advent Fayre

Message: Hello,
I am a parent at the Iona (Steiner-Waldorf) School in Sneinton. Every year we hold a BIG fundraiser for our (somewhat cash-strapped…) school, known as the Advent Fayre. This year the event will be held on Saturday 1st December.
We usually run a small-scale restaurant on the premises, run by parent volunteers, but this year we find ourselves distinctly short of parents with catering skills! We were wondering whether there is any way that this event could be run in partnership with a small team from one of Nottingham’s community cafes? e.g. We provide the kitchen, premises, and ingredients, and a small team from a community cafe ‘hosts’ the restaurant for the day by providing man(/woman)power for a few hours. The community cafe would be able to publicise their own cafe venture as much as they would like.

If you know of any small teams or individuals who would like to be involved in this, then I’d be incredibly grateful if you could get in touch.We would be able to get several parents from the school involved as helpers on the day (e.g. washing up, waiting on tables, etc).

With best wishes,
Esme Worthington
(Iona school parent and 2012 Advent Fayre volunteer)

Contact her on esmejw[at] or through this site!

News Round Up

Alain Job of Melting Pot Cafe at the Sycamore centre is also a street food pioneer.  And with the help of University students (more on this later as Marsha from Secret Kitchen has also tapped into this resource) he has created his own brand of street food – Nkono.  It is a banana skin cone with the Cameroon curry inside.  A tasty, healthy, biodegradable bit of home-made  fast food.  Maybe look out for it at Glastonbury next year, and certainly at the Relaunch of Sneinton Market 10th Dec!!

Alain and Nkono are down at the Goose fair until Sunday – please go down and try this new product if you can!  They are near the tram end of the main avenue in the Forest Rec that runs across the site from Mansfield over to Forest Rd West.

See the face book page


Hi all
We  think and hope you will agree that  Stonebridge City Farm is a
treasure which belongs to the people of Nottingham. Entrance is free
and we would like to keep it that way but the farm needs the support
of the people to ensure its existence. For just £10 a year or two
hours voluntary work a year you can become a member of “Green Street –
Friends of the Farm” and play a part in  protecting the farm. Details
of joining are attached and you can print the form, choose your option
and post it in to me or drop it off at the farm next time you are in.
Please also pass on to anybody who may be interested.  The 2 hours
voluntary work contribution can vary depending on what you would like
to  offer – from helping in the garden, maintenance work, baking or
helping at events, to give some ideas.

The half-price edible plants offer for Green Street is now finished.
Instead we will be providing limited monthly special offers and
Friends will be the first to hear of these offers. Workshops and
activities with limited numbers will be offered to Friends first.

Contact me if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing you
on the farm soon.
Best wishes

Green Street@Stonebridge City Farm:


All Ours October Souper Social Sunday

On Sunday 9th October 2011, 1.15pm – 3.45pm
at the 
Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre, Sneinton Boulevard with home made soup & cake courtesy of Pixies Pantry, hot drinks, table tennis, pool, games, chat.
The Lost Artists – a self help group for isolated artists who want to network with each other.   Artists, musicians, poets and any other artists that practice other art forms – are all welcome. Artist materials and musical instruments provided.
the Middle Street Jugglers Have a go at juggling, plate spinning and toothbrush twirling
 Art and Craft journalling for wellbeing by Dee Fairchild . All materials will be provided. It will be a buffet style workshop.
This social coincides with the beginning of Nottingham’s Mental Health Awareness weeks. There is a rundance event preceding All Ours, nearby at the Windmill from 12-1pm and a full listing of the other events for the 2 weeks can be found here
Future Dates : next All Ours will be on Sunday 13th November

Street Party Event [fwd]

Press Release – for your information, and a call for partners and support.

3rd Sept 2011 12-3pm

Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre is putting on an event that focuses on the generation born in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  We are having a ‘traditional’ street party crossed with a bandstand park event with a twist or two.

One twist is that we are going to be in the Hermitage Square (NG2 4GN) – so it is like an ‘urban’ bandstand event. We have held many street parties on this square before and the atmosphere is always good.  For this event we are really going to go to town with the bunting and we are going to get proper bandstand deck chairs from Victoria Embankment bandstand. Have a look at pictures of past festival events here

This event will have a very calm, summery, acoustic, peaceful atmosphere….

We will be selling icecreams and we will have free tea and cake to keep people happy.

On the bandstand we have booked a band of vintage rock and rollers who still can play a scintillating set from the high point of popular music – the 60s.  In addition to this we hope to have morris men (and clog women), speakers from the Environmental Society, classical, jazz and folks acts.  There will be a Tombola, Tabletop sale, Info Stalls and a BBQ.

We will also have a chill out zone inside the centre with Rev. Bola where “people will first get thoroughly pampered and relaxed with gentle exercises. Then their creative energies will get flowing participating in the over 60s Open Mic music and spoken word event”

How Can You Help?

Most importantly please bring someone along to this event – an elder – maybe a neighbour or a relative. Can you help transport someone to this event?

Now days people in their 60s are young – the ‘babyboomers’.  But this event is for everyone!  Those that are active, those that are isolated, those that enjoy that era for its ‘retro’ appeal!

Would you like to have a stall at the event?  it is FREE! whether it is information for a service or project, or a tabletop sale for example jewellery (however no food allowed).

Do you play in an acoustic band or orchestra that would like to play to celebrate the lives and times of our eldest generations?  Maybe you can do some other kind of performance like dance that might be suitable?

Can you help serve teas and coffees, cake and icecreams?

Can you come dressed up in that era’s vintage styles and haircuts?

Do you have any ideas to add to these above?

If yes to anyone these please get in touch!  If you know any person or organisation that might be interested in this email then please forward on to your heart’s content! And please print the flyer linked below and put up on your notice board or in your window.

All the best,

Sneinton Hermitage Management Committee
0115 9504707 / 0115 9598933 / 07794343697

Flyer Link here

Crocus On Board

Last week I visited Crocus Cafe and met Emma who is the current chair of their organising committee. We had a good meeting and we agreed that the Crocus had alot to offer other cafes in terms of information-gathering visits. This is something they already do alot, and it just so happened that before meeting me, Emma hosted a group from Birmingham who wanted to set up a community cafe network.

It was agreed that Crocus would host the first NCCN networking event at the end of March and Emma kindly agreed to give a presentation on the history of the Crocus.  More detail about this event are to follow however we will be looking to get a date in late March in the evening when most interested parties are free.

Also I will be volunteering at as many cafes as possible in order that the network will be able to have as much volunteering know-how as possible – in these days of funding cuts, more volunteering may be the best way to sustainability for alot of existing cafes, and the best ethos to get a new project going.