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Sneinton Market – Kitchen Rummage Lounge

Do you have any unwanted kitchen equipment? Is your cooking area cluttered up with unwanted gifts? Gadgets that seemed a good idea at the time?

Bring them down to Sneinton market this Saturday! A cabin-bag or a banana box full can be sold in the Rummage Lounge for free and you can keep the money. If you really have a lot why not get half a stall to yourself for a fiver!

Better still, pick up a bargain or two, and go home with more than you got rid of; but things you actually want! The theory of the car-boot, and the practice of Sneinton Market for years!

Fill a few shopping bags with some good quality food at some great prices. A market supporter posted on Facebook this week that he got all this for £13.50!

3 punnets of Blueberries

2 punnets of grapes

2 punnets of strawberries

9 bananas

12 apples

3 courgettes

6 red onions

1 honeydew melon

2 leeks

3 red peppers

3 bunches of radishes

8 carrots

3 parsnips


And some cheeky banter…


Add to that some properly baked bread from Bake Off and Pie, sauerkraut and ginger beer from Zymo and some interesting bargains for your shopping basket. Early till 1.30 at Sneinton Market.

Trade at Sneinton Market, STALLS from £10! Enquiries taken daily.

Email or call us on 07793 389323

Trading Saturdays and Mondays early till One Thirty.

Each Saturday & Monday, the market is 8am-1.30pm



Every 3rd Saturday Rummage Lounge 9a.m.-2pm

Every 4th Saturday Notts Nosh Market 9am – 2pm


Stalls £15. We put the stalls up for you! Introductory offer £10.


Getting about and parking:

At Aberdeen Street Car Park, parking is free for the first hour and just £1 for the 2 hours after that.

You can park all day in the old Market Buildings Car Park for £4.

Parking meters are available on Bath Street

The market place is accessible, and disabled parking bays are available on Bath Street opposite the market.


Buses that pass close to the market are: 43, 44, 39, 24, 25, 27, 100


If you would like to promote your community activity on the market,

or for more information, call us on 07793389323


Stalls available at urban food market

THERE are still a few stalls remaining for the Local Urban Food Market in Sneinton on Saturday, November 24.

The market will offer locally-grown food from a number of producers, including Ecoworks, Paul’s Bakery and Pick’s Organics.

The market will lbe held from 10am until 3pm in Sneinton market place.

To book a stall, which costs £13 and is provided, call Wendy on 07793389323.

See original post in the Nottingham post here



You are invited to the pub!

Please see below a letter written to the Local food Partnership (NLFP) members by Nic from Ecoworks – she wanted me to invite all you community cafes (and cafe supporters) along too, to see how we can get the Sneinton Market going especially in relation to street food……
Dear All,
At the last market we decided that a good old fashioned pint in the pub was called for to bring everyone investing in NLFP / Urban Food / Sneinton Market, to meet and have a relaxed discussion about where we take things next. We have seen it through the wilderness, ahem winter…and now, the rewards of warmer climates approach.
We no longer have the Plunkett Fund to support meeting time, but there is ample opportunity to apply for bigger pots to cover a programme of ‘event/feast/workshops’ and marketing activity with Awards For All perhaps? As well as taping into some other social/economic fund which would support enterprise, resource sharing/development.
Wendy has already begun applying for certain grants for stalls and exhibitions on Sneinton Market, and I have requested this info be shared with you all so we can identify gaps and other strengths/ambitions of local food etc..- live cooking of cultural street food is one
As you know I am off on maternity leave mid july so I’ll be pushed to co-ordinate all of the above, so instead, a pint in the pub should be the first steps to see who and what can be shared into bite size peices, and I’m happy to share application/bid writing.
Pub-wise: The Lord Nelson in Sneinton has been suggested as it has a back room but it will only hold so many, any other near town locations with room and a decent pint? (Paul / Nicky / Mary – appreciate it is a long way to come for a pint, so feel free to email ideas/suggestions if you cannot make it, especially since you all have lots of market experience)
I have attached a doodle link: please pass on the choice of dates to those not on the internet or to anyone you think should be involved or I have missed).
Cheers all, and may a pint or two lead to creative partnerships

Light Night this Friday at Sneinton Market (hot food available!!)

Light Night


Sneinton Market

10th February


Retro Market      5 –10pm         gifts * crafts * many kinds of tea * hot world foods


Launching our ‘Something for the Weekend’ markets


Something for everyone!


Fire Jugglers  *  Drums  *   Longden School of Dance  *  Folkwit

Them Balloons   *  Paranoid Arborial Troubadours  *  Lisa De’Ville


for programme see

from sunday

Promote your Community Café with an Apple Recipe! [fwd]

Dear Community Cafe,

Showcase the delicious food that your Community Café offers by
contributing an apple based recipe and sample to the Orchard Feast to
be held at Stonebridge City Farm on Sunday 11th December between 4 and
8pm. We are hoping to gather all the recipes together to make a book
which will include details of each Community Café that has contributed
a recipe.

Recipes and samples can be dropped off at the City Farm on Sat 10th or
Sunday 11th or I can collect them from the Market Launch if that’s
easier. Don’t forget to include info about your Community Café as well
as any history or stories about the recipe.
Please contact me if you need more detail.

Best wishes

Green Street@Stonebridge City Farm: