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Tempting food that is served up for a very tasty price [fwd]

FOR Alain Job, it’s a necessity to save money in the kitchen while still cooking up flavourful foods.

Lucky for him then that it’s also a way of life – a way of cooking drummed into him at an early age back in his home country of Cameroon.

  1. Waste not, want not:  Chef Alain Job at the Melting Pot Cafe in the Sycamore Community Centre,  St Ann's.

    Waste not, want not: Chef Alain Job at the Melting Pot Cafe in the Sycamore Community Centre, St Ann’s.

Mr Job works today as chef at the Melting Pot Café in Sycamore Community Centre, Hungerhill Road, St Ann’s.

And in a couple of weeks he’ll open Nkono, a business in Victoria Centre Market specialising in Cameroonian cuisine.

He already runs Nkono as a catering and special events business.

Running a community cafe kitchen and setting up his own business means Mr Job must be frugal without letting taste and flavour suffer.

By following the cookery philosophy of his homeland, he can do that.

“Quite frankly, I save enormously,” he said.

“We’re saving the cafe about £20 to £26 a week. That’s good when you’re considering the economic situation of the moment.”

Mr Job first learned smart, tasty cooking from one of the best cooks he’s known – his grandmother.

Young Alain was one of nine mouths his grandmother had to feed – food waste was not something she could afford.

“If she wasn’t very careful there was a greater likelihood the next day that there wouldn’t be much to eat,” Mr Job said.

“The leftovers were part of the strategy for her. She had various ways of dealing with it. One was adapting leftovers to new recipes and making them look totally like something fresh and new.”

The word “leftovers” was not one that was much used. Meals were always made to seem new and fresh.

“She did very cleverly adapt the leftovers to whatever she was cooking the next day to make it a new meal with a new experience,” he said.

“It gave the impression that we were having something new every day.”

It’s a lesson he remembered, and one he’s brought to his life as a chef.

Many of the methods he uses are not complicated.

When making a simple soup, he’ll chop vegetables and roast them in the oven.

The stems, stalks and bits he doesn’t use, he saves and wraps in foil. The following day, it often goes in curried mutton or goat.

“It brings the flavours of the roasting and the intense aroma into the curry goat or the curry mutton,” Mr Job said.

This is another trick that comes from his grandmother – although she used leaves rather than tinfoil.

“Whenever she had leftovers, she put them in the fresh leaves,” Mr Job said.

“Then she wrapped them very well. The next day she put them on a low heat to warm it while preserving all the flavours really slowly.

“The heat went through the leaves, or through the foil, and warmed the food enough.

“The food had already settled and was holding in all the flavour really well. Some people said it was better to eat then than when it was first cooked.”

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Light Night this Friday at Sneinton Market (hot food available!!)

Light Night


Sneinton Market

10th February


Retro Market      5 –10pm         gifts * crafts * many kinds of tea * hot world foods


Launching our ‘Something for the Weekend’ markets


Something for everyone!


Fire Jugglers  *  Drums  *   Longden School of Dance  *  Folkwit

Them Balloons   *  Paranoid Arborial Troubadours  *  Lisa De’Ville


for programme see

from sunday

News Round Up

Alain Job of Melting Pot Cafe at the Sycamore centre is also a street food pioneer.  And with the help of University students (more on this later as Marsha from Secret Kitchen has also tapped into this resource) he has created his own brand of street food – Nkono.  It is a banana skin cone with the Cameroon curry inside.  A tasty, healthy, biodegradable bit of home-made  fast food.  Maybe look out for it at Glastonbury next year, and certainly at the Relaunch of Sneinton Market 10th Dec!!

Alain and Nkono are down at the Goose fair until Sunday – please go down and try this new product if you can!  They are near the tram end of the main avenue in the Forest Rec that runs across the site from Mansfield over to Forest Rd West.

See the face book page


Hi all
We  think and hope you will agree that  Stonebridge City Farm is a
treasure which belongs to the people of Nottingham. Entrance is free
and we would like to keep it that way but the farm needs the support
of the people to ensure its existence. For just £10 a year or two
hours voluntary work a year you can become a member of “Green Street –
Friends of the Farm” and play a part in  protecting the farm. Details
of joining are attached and you can print the form, choose your option
and post it in to me or drop it off at the farm next time you are in.
Please also pass on to anybody who may be interested.  The 2 hours
voluntary work contribution can vary depending on what you would like
to  offer – from helping in the garden, maintenance work, baking or
helping at events, to give some ideas.

The half-price edible plants offer for Green Street is now finished.
Instead we will be providing limited monthly special offers and
Friends will be the first to hear of these offers. Workshops and
activities with limited numbers will be offered to Friends first.

Contact me if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing you
on the farm soon.
Best wishes

Green Street@Stonebridge City Farm:


All Ours October Souper Social Sunday

On Sunday 9th October 2011, 1.15pm – 3.45pm
at the 
Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre, Sneinton Boulevard with home made soup & cake courtesy of Pixies Pantry, hot drinks, table tennis, pool, games, chat.
The Lost Artists – a self help group for isolated artists who want to network with each other.   Artists, musicians, poets and any other artists that practice other art forms – are all welcome. Artist materials and musical instruments provided.
the Middle Street Jugglers Have a go at juggling, plate spinning and toothbrush twirling
 Art and Craft journalling for wellbeing by Dee Fairchild . All materials will be provided. It will be a buffet style workshop.
This social coincides with the beginning of Nottingham’s Mental Health Awareness weeks. There is a rundance event preceding All Ours, nearby at the Windmill from 12-1pm and a full listing of the other events for the 2 weeks can be found here
Future Dates : next All Ours will be on Sunday 13th November