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Note from the Green Festival

Hello all
A bit more information…Please network this widely…

The Nottingham Green Festival is confirmed for Sunday 1st September.

The event, now in its 22nd year, is independently organised by grass
routes community based volunteers, with no statutory funding. The
ethical standards and environmental / human / animal rights ethos of
the event are long established, having evolved from the pre-history of
the Nottm Peace Festival from which it has grown.

So if you are able to run a fund-raiser, book a stall for your group
or encourage others to do so, that might make all the difference in
ensuring the success of Nottingham’s own Green Festival, the place for
the whole family to learn, explore and try the latest in everything
environmentally friendly and ethical, whilst also having lots of fun
in the beautiful setting of the Arboretum Park, Waverley Street /
Addison Street, a couple of minutes from Nottingham’s Old Market

This event has over 100 product, information and food stalls, kids
rides, workshops, alternative therapies and technologies, live
performers, entertainments throughout the park, live music bands
performing from the bandstand alongside Veggies Catering Campaign and
the Vegan Festival within the Green Festival

Read more and find booking details at

Nottingham Yoga & Wellbeing Festival seeking food stalls

The Nottingham Yoga & Wellbeing Festival on Sunday 12th May 2013 (at the Britannia Hotel, St. James Street, Nottingham, NG1 6BN) has opportunities for someone to provide a pop-up cafe, craft, art stall traders etc…

Please get in touch for more information.


Local community festival updates

Hi All

Although community cafes are great spaces (not home, not work) where people hang out regularly,   the bigger less regular events are also vital for community.

Three major community led events in Nottingham are Sneinton Festival, Sherwood Art Week, and Fun on the Forest (Bulwell).

Sneinton Festival

They are thinking about doing a smaller event this year. The main day is always the first Sat in July.  Current Secretary is, who you can email to find out more or go  on his mailing list.

Sherwood Art Week

They have a new website – – that you can sign up to on the front page to get a e-newsletter – if you also sign up as member then you can add a link on their site, and get other benefits

Fun on the Forest

They are  looking for stalls and supporters (date of event 29th June).  See that booking form and other event upcoming in Bulwell here Doc1

Street-food festival invitation [fwd]

We at Pop Up Nottingham, are tentatively planning a pop-up street food festival.  What we are looking for, is independent, local food specialists, who source ingredients locally and have a flare for the unusual.

Contact us at hello[at]

Green Festival and Sneinton Festival Coming up

The Nottingham Local food partnership including Ecoworks (and their new electric, vehicular stall), Stonebridge City Farm, AMC Gardens and others are going to be at the Green Festival again this year on Sunday 10th, 11-4pm.

The weather looks ok too, so hopefully see you there!


So here it is guys, this year’s SNEINTON FESTIVAL coming very soon (28th June-8th July). The main festival event is on July 7th 2012.  It starts with a Parade through the streets of Sneinton (with the ‘Olympic Ideals’ theme, promoting positive health, education, citizenship, community & spirituality) the on to Tricketts park for an event jam packed full of excellent activities, arts & crafts, stalls and food to satisfy all tastes. Plus with two music areas -the main stage and the SEND world vibes acoustic tent – we welcome many amazingly talented local musicians, performers and artsist to entertain and wow you all.

For more information check out the full event details on the programme attached or at these links – Front page,  Main programme page
Plus if you want to find out more about a particular event, volunteer or get involved in any way please contact us at
See you all for some wonderful festival fun, games, dancing and much more,

The Sneinton Festival Team

[fwd] Festival coordinator job ad

Please see attached a job description for an event coordinator for St. Ann’s Unity Day.

You can download the person specification and application form from the Renewal Trust website here

link here to job ad

Meeting next week

Hello Nottingham Community Cafe

We want to invite you to a meeting next week in the evening at the Stonebridge City Farm 6pm – 7.30pm EITHER WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY 16th or 17th .  Please let me know which, if either, date is best for you….

The Meeting is about the 10th Dec Sneinton Market Relaunch.  There is potential for us to book stalls for this event.  It is slightly complicated which is why I am hoping all who are interested should meet first.

Some advantages to you for being part of this:

This should be a money earner:-

1. It is free to book a stall
2. The event should attract thousands of people.  This is because it is being advertised front page in the Arrow that goes to every home.  Also last year a much smaller Christmas market attracted 2000 people.  There is a risk however that the weather is bitter cold which will of course put people off.
3. This is a great chance to advertise to people through flyers and banners.  It may be that we can do one flyer for all the cafes if we have time to agree on the details. This should lead to more business for all of us.

It is a good chance to develop a taste (or more of a taste) for outdoor catering, and also network amongst some of the local food providers and other interesting people that will be attracted to this arts and market event.

There are only a limited number of slots but it is a long day so I imagine not everyone wanting to be there all day.  There should be a steady stream of people throughout the day from 10am-7pm.  So if we divide this into 3 hour slots let us know how many you want to do also how much space you need – 5foot or 10foot?

These are the sort of details we can discuss with Wendy who is managing the market – I am grateful that she will be there at this meeting to answer questions and come up with a plan together.

Look forward to seeing you next week, if you can’t make it but would like to join in please rest assured we can sort it out over the phone so you shouldn’t miss out!!

Dave Jones

Also please bring a dish each so that together we can all have a bit to eat.

Can Sneinton Market become the Marakesh of the North?


Events this weekend!

Sign up to our twitter feed – nccnevents


See message below from Beth and Nottsunderground for more on the ‘Stuff of life’ festival

hi my lovelies so this weekend its going to be beautiful weather the last of the season so get down to the stuff of life festival! check out the link below its an incredible park in the secret world of NG7. There will be lots of wonderful localness from music to food, mollyqueen crafts and even belly dancing!!! (I think) I will be baking like a good’un so get down there xxxx

article in left lion about the event

Street Party Event [fwd]

Press Release – for your information, and a call for partners and support.

3rd Sept 2011 12-3pm

Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre is putting on an event that focuses on the generation born in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  We are having a ‘traditional’ street party crossed with a bandstand park event with a twist or two.

One twist is that we are going to be in the Hermitage Square (NG2 4GN) – so it is like an ‘urban’ bandstand event. We have held many street parties on this square before and the atmosphere is always good.  For this event we are really going to go to town with the bunting and we are going to get proper bandstand deck chairs from Victoria Embankment bandstand. Have a look at pictures of past festival events here

This event will have a very calm, summery, acoustic, peaceful atmosphere….

We will be selling icecreams and we will have free tea and cake to keep people happy.

On the bandstand we have booked a band of vintage rock and rollers who still can play a scintillating set from the high point of popular music – the 60s.  In addition to this we hope to have morris men (and clog women), speakers from the Environmental Society, classical, jazz and folks acts.  There will be a Tombola, Tabletop sale, Info Stalls and a BBQ.

We will also have a chill out zone inside the centre with Rev. Bola where “people will first get thoroughly pampered and relaxed with gentle exercises. Then their creative energies will get flowing participating in the over 60s Open Mic music and spoken word event”

How Can You Help?

Most importantly please bring someone along to this event – an elder – maybe a neighbour or a relative. Can you help transport someone to this event?

Now days people in their 60s are young – the ‘babyboomers’.  But this event is for everyone!  Those that are active, those that are isolated, those that enjoy that era for its ‘retro’ appeal!

Would you like to have a stall at the event?  it is FREE! whether it is information for a service or project, or a tabletop sale for example jewellery (however no food allowed).

Do you play in an acoustic band or orchestra that would like to play to celebrate the lives and times of our eldest generations?  Maybe you can do some other kind of performance like dance that might be suitable?

Can you help serve teas and coffees, cake and icecreams?

Can you come dressed up in that era’s vintage styles and haircuts?

Do you have any ideas to add to these above?

If yes to anyone these please get in touch!  If you know any person or organisation that might be interested in this email then please forward on to your heart’s content! And please print the flyer linked below and put up on your notice board or in your window.

All the best,

Sneinton Hermitage Management Committee
0115 9504707 / 0115 9598933 / 07794343697

Flyer Link here

Joint Projects

Transformation of Sneinton Market

I was at a meeting last night with people involved in the arts side of the new Sneinton Market.  If you want to get involved in some way then email the curator Jennie Syson at for more details.   The artist commissioned for the work is Neville Gabie  who takes a collaborative approach and works closely with local artists.  The theme for this work is apples – which is very apt for the area!

The new square construction is on schedule and will be opened around the second week in December.  This should be a really big event in the city, widely advertised and promoted,  and I can envision thousands coming along.  Sneinton Market  is so famous in Nottingham because of its past glory days so people will be interested to see what’s new!  The opening weekend will involve an all day and evening celebration on the Saturday, and I have verbal agreement that the NCCN can organise a hot food court.

So please get thinking about this now – it’s quite a good potential payday because of the numbers expected, and a great chance for you and the community to be involved in this new public space!  If you think you want to join in with us then let me know and also let’s see what resources (e.g. outside catering equipment) we need and if we can share it around!


Just Change is an organisation that buys tea direct from growers in India and so cuts out the corporate middle man.  Us cafes and community centres consume a hell of a lot of tea so it’s right that we source ethically (we certainly can’t source locally).  The NCCNetwork could buy the tea in bulk and distribute onto our members (i.e. you) – the prices are reasonable: 800 bags for £16 – or just contact the supplier yourself through their website.


Community Cafe Bingo Anyone?

Or should it be called a Cafe Network Loyalty card, or something else?

Whatever the name, the basic premise is that a person visits any of the community cafes in Nottingham listed on the card and spends over £2.50 then they get a unique stamp on this bingo card.  Then then keep the card and visit  other cafes to get 6 stamps – at this point they can get a free meal from any of the cafes in the scheme (up to the value of £4.50).

If they then visit the remaining three cafes they get a full house and win a prize which I hope will be something like a cinema ticket from Broadway, or some other prizes gifted by local bushinesses, or at worst another free meal.

Initial design for the card is here.

Please get in touch will any comments of this idea.  I will contact the individual cafes directly to propose giving this scheme a test run soon…..

News Round-up

Well a lot is going on at the moment – in the country and the world as well as in Nottingham’s community cafe scene!

Just a comment on the social unrest, and the potential (near certainty) of a another recession:- Community spaces are needed now more than ever – the best defence against all the coming problems is a strong community – and strong community needs spaces where ‘community’ can happen!

An interesting upcoming community programme that your project may get involved with is the community organiser program run by Locality and the best place to keep up to date with it is at Jess Steele’s blog (she is head of the program)

A different perspective can be had at the community activist network – it’s free to join.

More community means more networking – so as well as this network I am interested in forming other Nottingham(shire) wide networks – One idea is to bring together all the community led festivals in Nottingham (those run independently of the council) into some kind of loose association.  Off the top of my head I can think of:-

Sneinton Festival, Holding hands round St Anns, Medfest, Gay pride, Sherwood festival, Caribbean Carnival, Lenton festival, Green Festival, dot to dot, Mela, and the big one still to come this year Headstock up in Newstead. (most of these are on facebook).  No doubt there are more of these festivals so please let me know.

Also I think it is time for community centres across Nottingham to come together to have fun, share resources and help each other through these difficult times. For example most community centres have cupboards with stuff from old projects that isn’t used anymore – maybe others could use the stuff.  Also sometimes there are bits of money left over from projects, lying dormant in bank accounts – maybe this could be pooled for an event or some joint publicity!

If you can help with either of these two networks please let me know.

Dance group that performed at Sneinton Festival


Kate Troy from the Great Green Garden project and Transition West Bridgford has invited us to go along and dig up an abundance of potatoes ready now – I will organise transport to get across to their site to harvest them – we can have the potatoes for less than commercial rates.  Let me know if you want to buy any of these potatoes or if you can come help.  We should be going next week so get in touch and I’ll let you know more details.


see forwarded message below – if interested please contact her directly:-

Message: Hi

I’m trying to find out if any of your members would be interested, or a able to, supply outside catering. We are looking for a buffet lunch for around 50 in mid October.

We are an Advocacy company, trying to get our work commissioned, we mainly work in St Ann’s and Sneinton. We are holding an event to showcase our work. We have, fingers crossed, local MPs and speakers from the Cabinet Office and people from Nottingham City Council.

Let me know if you need any more information

Thanks again

Victoria Gondzic

Integritas Advocacy CIC

3rd Floor, 7 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. NG1 3FB.

Direct Line 0115 9348411

Office hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm

Visit our web site at

Integritas Advocacy CIC seeks to promote the dignity, self-determination, legal and human rights of individuals.  We provide information and independent advocacy for vulnerable adults and training for practitioners and carers supporting them.


International Food Evening at Sneinton Festival

To be part of this popular event as a cook get in touch with David Jones on 07794343697

The deal is we give £15 to cooks for free tasters, but you can cook more at your own expense and sell it.  There will be about 500 people attending and 10-12 other cooks from around the world.  We provide paper/plastic plates and forks.

See the links below for this year’s festival publicity

International Food Evening Flyer2011

programme 2011 front page back page

pin up prgramme 2011_web

Stonebridge City Farm Summer Event

Stonebridge City Farm are holding an open day on the 24th of July 2011 and we are asking groups, organisations and businesses if they would like to take part. We welcome information stalls, sales stalls, activities, entertainments and anything else you would like to bring to our event. If your stall is making a profit, dependent on the nature of your business we do ask that you contribute a small fee, if you are a Charity or non profit then there is no charge. The day will run from 11am until 3pm the site will be available to stall holders prior to this time to set up.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Hannah Rogers-Gee on 0115 9505113.

NCCN at the Green Festival 2011

A week on Sunday 22nd May you are invited to join us at the Green Festival at the Arboretum in Nottingham from  12-4pm.

We will have a tent or gazebo or possibly even a yurt set up in a cluster of stalls and stands from Ecoworks, Garden to Plate, Stonebridge and other Local Food Groups. I don’t know where we’ll be on site so come and find us!

If you want to come to a steering group meeting (discussing the future of this network) please come at 12pm-12.45pm or/and from 3pm-4pm (we are having two sessions). Between times we will be engaging the public, promoting Third Places around Nottingham, finding about more cafes from the general public, and doing fun activities such as drumming and free soup and bread.

Please arrange to get me some of your publicity material for me to give out/display, and please get in touch if you have any ideas in regard to this event.