We Aim:

To create a vibrant Nottingham Community Cafe Network that will support existing Community Cafe’s in Greater Nottingham and help new ones establish themselves.

Our Objectives:

To fulfil our aims we will look at:-

  • Setting up a constituted group called ‘Nottingham Community Cafe Network’.
  • We will research existing cafes (including church cafes, luncheon clubs, community centre cafes, social enterprise cafes, ‘people’s kitchens’ and so on) in Greater Nottingham as well as Local Food organisations, and invite them to join the group.
  • We will support cafes by sharing information – putting like minded people in touch with each other
  • We will organise events and get-togethers
  • We will consult widely with our members as well as organisations such as the NHS, NCVS, FIG, NCC and  local food providers.

Download an infomation sheet from 2011 here