Social Eating Promotional Video- from Family Cafe to Super Kitchen


sorry this has taken an age for me to distribute. Please watch and share. It’s the promotional video for Family Cafe which was our surplus, social eating pilot. I am emailing you because I need your help and support to start to roll this fantastic new project out: it’s called Super Kitchen!
We are now developing this model into Super Kitchen and have already opened our first Super Kitchen at Mansfield Rd Baptist Church who are using our model very successfully. They are attracting over 80 customers each week to sit and share a fantastic, healthy, freshly cooked meal using FareShare surplus. Each cafe upcycles about 6 tonnes of surplus food each year and can transform it into over 5,000 meals. 
Please get behind our amazing Super Kitchen project, as we aim to have ten kitchens using our model running by the end of the year. This will have huge impacts upon the health and well being of our City and help look after precious food resources. So far we have raised 7 FareShare memberships which give free food to each project for 1 year whilst they trial our Super Kitchen model. But we need more support and to link in with budgets that are allocated for food waste reduction, healthy eating, well being and social support. 
Please let me know what you think! Many thanks, Marsha Smith

One response to “Social Eating Promotional Video- from Family Cafe to Super Kitchen

  1. Mansfield Road is quite a long road – goes all the way to Mansfield!!!! So, why do you presume everyone knows the Baptist Church, or ANY church, in all that long stretch of road – GRRR.

    I watched the video – great.

    Love 2U all, Beating-Drum      LIVE ADVENTUROUSLY 

          Peace on Earth Starts With Us

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